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Marta Ghislandi

Marta Ghislandi

While packing before a journey what can’t be missing in your backpack?

A sheet of paper and a pen. They are two indispensable items because messing around on a blank page helps me listen better, focus on what’s important, collect ideas and work on them. Just the thought of being able to fill an empty space with ink lights up my mind.


What was the most impactful, trasformational experience you had, professionally or private? Why?

Travelling to India several times, alone, as a representative for an Italian company. The reasons I chose to highlight this experience are too many and too confusing to summarize, as confusing and incredible as India is, a country you either love or hate. Presenting myself to Indian clients as a clearly inexperienced young girl was a challenge from which I learned so much. Without these trips I would probably be a different person now.

List three values on which you base your actions and your life.

  • Kindness: a small act of kindness can make your day better and become contagious.
  • Gratitude: being thankful and grateful for what you do and have. Gratitude focuses our attention on positive things and consequently generates positive feelings and experiences.
  • Creativity: I don’t just mean artistic creativity, the kind related to shapes, colors and techniques. I’m referring to the creativity that helps us open our minds to change, to flexibility. Training our minds for creativity allows us to reframe and reinvent, deal with mistakes and embrace new ideas.

What is it in your job that you enjoy the most?


Knowing that there is room for experimentation and a desire to improve allows you to let your mind go ever so slightly further, free of limitations.


What episode related to your profession would you like everyone to know about? How do you think it can help other colleagues and why?

Storytelling with drawings is a big challenge, which I initially approached with some trepidation. Instead, I realized that every skill can be enhanced in one’s work, even when you don’t expect it. It’s something my colleagues taught me by giving me confidence, space, and tools to do sketchnoting and so much more.

Add a personal anecdote, the kind you’d put at the bottom of your résumé – or at the beginning, depending on your point of view – under hobbies and interests.

Although I am introverted and need time to open up to other people, I practice acroyoga. Why? Well, sometimes throwing yourself headfirst onto another person’s feet helps you change your perspective and discover that there’s a lot more to us than we think.