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Jessica Hay

Jessica Hay

While packing before a journey what is it that has to be there in your backpack?

Fully charged Kindle

What was the most impactful, trasformational experience you had, professionally or private? Why?

Within 30 min of my first agile training, I messaged my boss (who had recommended I go) saying ‘This is amazing! ‘ and asking why everything was not like this! I have been interested the agile ways of working and surfacing the agile mindset in others since then. That light bulb moment I had helped put me in positions where I helped people cope with difficult deliverables, help teams trying to get medicines to patients faster, helping leaders support teams by learning ways to empower their teams with fantastic outcomes for the team and their customers. I have made many great friends along the way as we were true collaborative partners in solving problems

List three values on which you base your actions and your life.

  • Respect the truth: without a foundation of truth people will never excel.
  • Respect people: we are all wired differently, learn differently and have a lot to share with each other
  • We never stop learning: learning new things is one of the joys of life

What is it in your job that you enjoy the most?

Seeing those lightbulb moment when people I am working with truly internalize the agile values and principles which means they no longer need me to as they can think about problems and solutions in an agile way.

What episode related to your profession would you like everyone to know about? How do you think it can help other colleagues and why?

I applied the agile values and principles to support a Lead in re-framing a submission to a scientific governance group. There was no software involved, just very complex medical information and a ‘re-work’ time of months if it was not approved at that session. The feedback from Directors to SVPs was extremely positive about what they were learning through the process. What I would like to share is that agile can be applied to any problem and with creative and collaborative thinking value can be delivered

Add a personal anecdote, the kind you’d put at the bottom of your résumé – or at the beginning, depending on your point of view – under hobbies and interests.

I love reading (cliched but true!), board gaming and have recently found myself addicted to crochet