Case history

Our experiences

Our operating model and the skills of individual coaches have helped companies in a variety of sectors to achieve significant results.

Here are some of the stories in which we have been involved.

Case history

Tag: banking

Agile Mindset: a story from the banking industry

The agile principles applied in a financial institution that has to follow standards and peculiars procedures. Even in such a complex context, it was possible to enable an organisational model to improve the business goals.

Tag: telco

From practices to strategy: agile scaling in a TelCo company

A case study from a complex structure organisation.
Design, support, engagement and participation.

Tag: Renewable energies

Agile principles at the service of energy sustainability

An “alternative” solution in designing wind turbines.

ricominciamo dalle basi

How we work

Reload from basics

Reloaded means that together we can start again from the values and principles of Lean and Agile, to transform the approach to work.

Our operating model is coaching, the strategy is to combine the use of agile methodologies with a strong focus on people and teamwork, in perfect harmony with the Agile Manifesto and with great attention to the organisational context of the company.