Wannabe a Reloader?


If you are here, you are probably familiar with “what can you expect“. You are a reloader if you:

  • Have a significant experience on Agile: that means that you have working experience with teams and/or you served as Scrum Master for a number of year as an example.
  • You are able to express what Agile is without using jargon ( imagine explaining what you do to a 12 year old).
  • You are a practical professional, you are able to show patience for clients that are not ready for agile on day 1 and you make good choices about the compromises that need to be made. Our profession is about helping the client, starting by meeting people where they are.
  • You have some involvement in the wider Agile community, or you are willing to.

You will be asked to answer a few questions about your journey, about 30-45 minutes. This is useful to inform us about the next step and it's not an exam.


You will meet virtually one of our coaches. More a chat on your answers to better understand who you are and your reasons to change, about 45 minutes.


You will have a second, and possibly a third, interview where you will be asked to play different role in different, real world, scenario. Expect this to be challenging, about 90 minutes.


You get an offer if we think you are a match or, in case we don't, a feedback on the reason why