Verso Agile, the workshop for managers of the organisation

Verso Agile, the workshop for managers of the organisation

Agile Reloaded offers strategic consulting services to support companies wishing to bring about change in their organisation, processes and way of working. Agile Reloaded comes into play when it comes to Agile, supporting and accompanying clients in the adoption of models and practices that are inspired by the principles of the Agile Manifesto.

Over the years, Agile has moved out of the IT sector; while remaining anchored to the Manifesto principles, the way in which its values can be applied within an organisation has changed a lot.


Verso Agile: all in one workshop

Agile was born as an answer to the needs of work in teams, on how to make bigger groups work together (agile scaling), up to consider the whole organization (Business Agility).
So, “Verso Agile” wants to tell the Agile’s born and its operational development until nowadays.

This is the occasion to:

  • highlight the benefits of this methodology
  • clarify its function
  • explain what consists of and its evolution.

All in one workshop.


What is it and which is the function of “Verso Agile” workshop?

“Verso Agile” is the product for manager of the organisation that tells the evolution of the managerial-organizational thinking, that shifted its attention from fordism to Agile Manifesto and the adoption of its principles.
But it does not stop at a mere Agile story. The workshop includes a second phase of clients’ needs collection, of co-design of an efficient work plan relevant to the context.


How long does the workshop last and how is it designed?

The “Verso Agile” workshop takes place in a day for the duration of 6 hours. The conducting method is the dialogue supported by the use of different tools such as: retrospective, solution focus, to do list in terms of Kanban and others.

The event is organized in this way:

  • The first phase is dedicated to the Agile practices’ presentation, from the birth of the Agile Manifesto up to the methodology’s last development. The concept of Agile 2.0 is deepened, that means stepping out the IT world and it is applied to different areas and business sectors. So we will be dealing with Business Agility and Agile transformation themes.
  • The second phase constitutes the co-design moment, which means the implementation of what was learned in the first part. It includes an assessment and the last presentations such as our value proposition, case histories and our operative framework to reflect together on the possible operational criteria to follow.


Who is “Verso Agile” for?

The workshop aims at managers of the organisation to deepen the agile principles with experts and to explore their potential applications in their company contexts. And it aims to explain why this is the needed step to get to talk about operativity.


Why take part in the workshop?

The “Verso Agile” workshop is the tool that:

  • lets the interlocutor understand in depth how to change their organization to adopt agile principles;
  • offers interlocutors the possibility to hypothesize, with the help of our coaches, a potential work plan for their organizational reality.

Verso Agile in aula


“Verso Agile”, despite being born as an educational experience, is structured to leave something concrete to the client. The session is, actually, an “assessment” of the organization and gives a product that is the starting point for the future transformation. You will be accompanied and guided by our experts along the history of agility and up to the creation of a first valuable product.

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