Our approach

Change, one step at a time

Reload from Lean/Agile principles with us.
We use a pragmatic and experimental approach, to find the best solutions that work for your business.

ricominciamo dalle basi
coaching agile

Agile Coaching

Agile coaching is not about providing ready-made solutions, but it’s about bringing out the best solution for your reality.

The agile coach supports you to find your own way, which allows your organisation to change and improve.

Our approach to coaching


At the beginning of a process, agile coaches also act as trainers or consultants, providing guidance to start from the basics.

In the course of the learning process, it is the different teams and other stakeholders who start to act themselves.

Gradually, people within the organisation come into their full role and the agile coach regains a role of observer and facilitator.


Our values

Your goals

We won’t sell you “Agile-in-a-box” or reinvent the wheel. Given your business needs and constraints, we’ll set you up using our tried and tested playbook and evolve towards achieving your goals

You are in control

We’ll work with you at your own pace, bringing your people onboard. You’ll get immediate value and we’ll iterate, making the impact of every change visible. We’ll enable you to drive your own journey.

A network to help you

We work as a team to give you a wide range of experience. Through us, you’ll get access to an international community of innovators and thinkers. You can always expect a guaranteed and consistent level of quality.

Your people

We believe that motivated individuals are key for business success. Throughout everything that we do we will maximise the value for your customers and the engagement of your staff.

Iterative and incremental approach




Collaborations by iterations

Our proposal is to proceed by objectives through an organisation of work by iterations.

By analogy with the Scrum framework, we therefore propose to work in sprints (of 2 months) in which to focus efforts on specific objectives.

Sprint planning

Transformation backlog and sprint planning

Starting with an overall list of initiatives to be done (transformation backlog), for each iteration our coaches will agree with your contacts on the list of activities to be done.


Backlog refinement

Before any planning we will agree on any changes, rearrangements, shifts or advances, depending on the needs or actual processing capacity of the group.


Checks and advances

For each activity, we will agree on how we will assess the fulfilment and achievement of its purpose before it is put into operation.

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