Portfolio and priorities

Priorities keep changing and that’s usual business. We may help you organize your process in order to overcome the fight between departments through a shared and transparent journey to set company priorities. Prioritization should be fully aligned with capacity and with company’s goals. Modern portfolio management, okrs, roadmapping and capacity may be mixed into your own working flavor.

People growth

In full support of HR functions, people need to develop competencies and find their purpose in the company. We have been working with HR departments to create shared growth plan through our Talent Canvas and competency mapping process.

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Suppliers and tenders

Beyond Time & Material and Fixed cost, suppliers are to be considered as true partners. This implies a different approach to contracting and even tenders.
Shared risk and benefit, team based and iteration based contracting are some of the possible ways we have been experimenting for years now. Procurement department is part of the mindset shift and should be fully on board. Culture follows structure sometimes and a good contract based on trust make the difference.


Your goals

We won’t sell you “Agile-in-a-box”. Given your business needs, we’ll set up the strategy according to your goals.

You are in control

We’ll work with you at your own pace, bringing your people onboard. You’ll increase the speed of the delivery of value and we’ll iterate, making the impact of every change visible. We’ll enable you to drive your own journey.

A network to help you

We work as a team to give you a wide range of experience. Through us, you’ll get access to an international community of innovators and thinkers. You can always expect a guaranteed and consistent level of quality.

Your people

We believe that motivated individuals are key for business success. Throughout everything that we do we will maximise the value for your customers and the engagement of your staff.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know how to motivate your people? Talk to us!

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