How do I reduce my need for external agile consultancy?

Empower people

Our efforts to change let us dependent on external consultants 

We share our diverse experience and knowledge with your people through structured mentoring, training and professional coaching tailored to your needs at a pace and style that’s right for you. Our approach is aimed to create your own Agile champions so that they can take charge of continuous and long term change.



Empower People Persona

Embedding the agile mindset

Sustainable and autonomous change leverage on people ability to spark improvements, starting from a solid, principle based foundation. Agile is very often “installed” through practices and frameworks. They may be useful, however they all need to be tailored to your own context and culture. When dealing with the complexity of change people need a cultural reference, alongside with company’s values and principles. In conjunction with Agile coaching services we offer journeys to experiment Agile principles in you own company.  We work closely with your people to understand their development needs and can design something unique on the basis of our well known approaches: Academy, Human Reloaded, the Coaching Loop

Your goals

We won’t sell you “Agile-in-a-box”. Given your business needs, we’ll set up the strategy according to your goals.

You are in control

We’ll work with you at your own pace, bringing your people onboard. You’ll increase the speed of the delivery of value and we’ll iterate, making the impact of every change visible. We’ll enable you to drive your own journey.

A network to help you

We work as a team to give you a wide range of experience. Through us, you’ll get access to an international community of innovators and thinkers. You can always expect a guaranteed and consistent level of quality.

Your people

We believe that motivated individuals are key for business success. Throughout everything that we do we will maximise the value for your customers and the engagement of your staff.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

Do you want to know how to empower your people? Talk to us!

We will be happy to share our stories on how we’ve helped our client and to discuss ways that we can help you your achieve your outcomes. Book a free 30 min call with us to find out more.