Growing Agile

Growing Agile

Reading is one of the most important exercises to stay updated, nourish the mind, develop critical thinking and grow professionally. Whether it is just for 30 minutes a day or an entire afternoon while enjoying the August heat, reading is a good habit not to be missed.

That is why our expert agile coaches have collected some interesting reading suggestions on various agility-related topics, to share with our agile community.




Project to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework by Mik Kersten is the right book to start with. Most organisations are struggling with “Agile at scale” implementations. This book offers a framework based on empirical observations that helps leaders to adopt agility at scale by following flow and Kanban principles. 

Recommended reading for Middle Management, team, the whole organisation.




As a further study, we share two of our articles:


OKRsRadical Focus by Christina Wodtke explains Objective Key Results throughout the story of a fictional company applying them.

Recommended reading for agile coaches, team, the organisation, managers and HR department.


Together with this book, we share two of our articles that delve into OKRs and KPIs respectively, in order to shed light on the commonalities and differences between these two tools:


Software development

Sviluppo Software

The art of Agile Development by James Shore is the most comprehensive book about agile software development. You can basically find all that you know to start your journey into a safer, effective and meaningful way of developing software products. After XP seminal books, this is the most updated resource.

Recommended reading for Dev Team and anybody interested in software development skills and tools.




Alongside this book, we recommend reading a specific article by Agile Reloaded: 


Scrum and similar


The great Scrum Master by Zuzana Sochova is a very well written book and a pleasant read. Full of tips on how best to tackle an extremely delicate role such as that of the Scrum Master. It was a source of considerable inspiration for us. We hope it is for you too.

Recommended reading for the team, the organisation, the Scrum Master and agile coaches.


Next, we share two articles by Agile Reloaded, for an even more detailed description of the Scrum role: 





Organize For Complexity: How to Get Life Back Into Work to Build the High-Performance Organization: 1 by Niels Pflaeging gives a quick overview of organisational models and why in today’s world, dominated by complexity (VUCA, etc…) it is useful to move from hierarchical organisational schemes to working-logics based on self-organised team 

Recommended reading for the whole organisation, team, agile coaches.