Case history

Agile Mindset: a story from the banking industry


The agile principles applied in a financial institution that has to follow standards and peculiars procedures. Even in such a complex context, it was possible to enable an organisational model to improve the business goals.


We have made a positive impact on



In ~150 days we have been working with



A commercial structure to be reshaped

The Agile approach was key in forming autonomous teams. Within them, people have been able to transform the way they work by making it more transparent, so that now each team member knows what the others are doing and their purpose is shared. This also allows for consistent verification and precise measurement of each process. Which outcome? Business objectives are met within the timeframe driven by business strategy.

Initial background

  • Team with a few missing skills.
  • Outsourced platform management.
  • Potential conflicts with other customers in the marketplace.
  • Different geographical areas involved.
  • Synchronisation of release plans of other (non-agile) services.
  • IT in a formal different company.

Customer’s needs

  • The presence of right people for this reorganisation
  • Estimate of the timing to be on stream
  • Training and hiring the people needed
  • Management of hierarchy and alignment with Performance Manager

Timeline and project lifecycle


Assessment & Goal settings


Organisation design


Training and pilot project


Ramp - Up


Portfolio & QBR

How we have been supporting the transformation


From teams to the whole bank

Approach, organisation, actions

AR team coaching, collaboration with Transformation Team, 2-week sprint, impediment board, care and growth of internal scrum masters, continuous improvement tools.

Focus areas


Team coaching

  • Training
  • Basic mechanics
  • Performance
Schermata 2022-04-06 alle 12.59.33

Portfolio & Budgeting

  • Workshop
  • Demand Process
  • Prioritisation and Driver
  • QBR
  • Experiment and rollout
Schermata 2022-04-06 alle 12.59.25

Organisational consulting


  • Value stream
  • Model


  • Alignment between teams
  • QI planning
  • Forecast
  • Alignment with the rest of the company

Organisation outcomes

  • New Product Owner training

  • 5 new Scrum Master (recruiting)

Business outcomes

  • Reduce of time to market of about 10%.

  • Increased release frequency

Organisation structure

Struttura piramidale

Hierarchical pyramid scheme

Struttura matriciale

Flat hierarchy in tribes. Quarterly budgeting and governance cycle, rather than yearly

We believed that the best way to deliver the project was to leverage an Agile mindset and framework.
Agile Reloaded has been key in getting our teams started, by providing the necessary training on Agile and Scrum, helping us clarify the project goals and KPIs and by shaping our backlog and ways of working. Their contribution has been determinant in setting us up for success.

Our aim was to help our organisation to evolve with market changes. Agile Reloaded guided us in the diffusion of an agile culture and in the application of agile methodologies, a true competitive advantage for our group.

You didn’t just tell us how to do it, but you worked side by side with us improving our organisation. 


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