sostenibilità energetica

Case history

Agile principles at the service of energy sustainability

Experimenting Agile methodologies in unusual context: an alternative solution in support of design wind turbines.

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Client people

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What happens when Kanban meets wind farm design?


A fascinating journey for us at AR too, where we applied our approach in a non-software development context.
Together with the client, we experienced a bold and innovative transformation path in the field of renewable energies: tackling an internal re-organization of the production chain of power plants scattered around the world, according to Agile methodologies, also involving side projects in the field of sustainable tourism.


Initial background

  • Large company (about 8,000 employees).
  • Need to coordinate projects involving thousands of people in different offices and divisions, while maintaining a high level of involvement.
  • Geographical distance, projects on world-wide scale.

Costumer’s needs

  • Meet the fast time of media and digital communication.
  • Deploying Agile methodologies in non-IT contexts.
  • Evolving existing organisational models in the company.
  • Involve in the transformation also projects that are external to the core business, such as sustainable tourism and visits to power stations.
  • Coordination and engagement teams distributed in different geographical areas

Timeline and project lifecycle


Assessment & Goal settings


Organisation design


Training and pilot project


Ramp - Up


Portfolio & QBR

How we have been supporting the transformation


Coaching with manager, industrial production processes and team support.

One senior AR coach who was also in charge of accounting and roadmap work. More coaches to support training and operational activities.

Consistent collaboration with Agile Transformation Office, which involved Agile Reloaded in many projects in different offices and divisions, at a higher level than implementation teams.
Products involved in the transformation: the entire design and production chain of wind turbines; the project for sustainable tourism activity.

Organization outcomes

  • Experimentation with Agile methodologies applied in non-software development contexts (power plant production or activities directly in power plants).
  • Introduction of alternative organizational models.
  • Incremental implementation of products based on user feedback.

Business outcomes

  • Faster delivery with greater stakeholder satisfaction
  • Greater interaction between all involved actors.

Organization structure

Struttura piramidale

Hierarchical pyramid scheme

Struttura matriciale

Flat organization with cross functional teams

What ouR clients say

We believed that the best way to deliver the project was to leverage an Agile mindset and framework.
Agile Reloaded has been key in getting our teams started, by providing the necessary training on Agile and Scrum, helping us clarify the project goals and KPIs and by shaping our backlog and ways of working. Their contribution has been determinant in setting us up for success.


Our aim was to help our organisation to evolve with market changes. Agile Reloaded guided us in the application of agile mindset, a true competitive advantage for our group.


You didn’t just tell us how to do it, but you worked side by side with us improving our organisation.