Money and packages

We know motivation is not (just) about money but feeling secure (salary, pension and health packages) are one of the building blocks for motivation. Our compensation and packages are aligned with the market. There is something you won’t find in our offers: bonuses. For a couple of good reasons, from our point of view.

First, when starting an Agile journey with clients, we often find them stuck into the individual vs team performances and bonuses. We think that rewarding an individual often can put a team in jeopardy. Our experience is that incentives should be wider than salary and packages and should be linked to individual motivations and needs. When talking about money, we negotiate a fair amount of it, fixed, independent from bonuses or company performances or other classical metrics (allocation percentage, as an example). You tell us what you need, if we can afford you negotiation is over. If you happen to need more… we talk again.

Second, bonus are alway somehow discretionary and poorly related to a supposed personal performance. You need a line manager that says you deserve it (with the nearly impossible, and time consuming, effort to find a way to measure in a objective way). Plus, you usually need to accept the gaussian curve on compensations. We have often seen that people get a bonus and are unhappy for a multitude of reasons.

We don’t have, and never will, line managers that have a say on your performance. Instead, you’ll get feedback, room and options to improve.


  • Reviewed every year
  • In line with your experience and the value you bring to the company
  • Sharing options: from second year you are entitled to but a share of Agile Reloaded ltd

Unlimited time off

We trust you to do your best for Agile Reloaded and for our clients. That means that you are the only one that can make a choice about how much time you need for relaxing and vacations.

  • Take your time off when you need it
  • No need to track vacations (or to ask permission for that), as long as you get the minimum (20 days/year + bank holidays)
Helicopter view

Pension and Health plan

  • We match your pension contribution up to 5%
  • Health plan may be tailored to your needs and may cover your family too

Home office and ergonomics
We need you to be comfortable working from home. We can’t build a complete office at your place but we can help.

  • One off contribution to buy office supplies you may need at home
  • Personal laptop

Your growth and environment

This is what we care the most. We offer you an international environment to grow your competence and you, both as professional and human being. Internal growth plans are rich and challenging.

Come lavoriamo

Training budget
Based on your needs and your skills. We’ll help you understand what skills need to be improved and nurtured.

  • Yearly budget of 3k-5k pounds at your disposal
  • Freedom to choose what training suits you
  • Budget can be used for all training-related experiences: classes, books, conference tickets, certification renewals

Supervision and shadowing

Whether you are an experienced coach or the new kid on the block, you’ll always need feedback.

  • On a regular basis you will be supervised during your sessions with coachees and teams
  • Preparation, and designing of stances, is often done with a peer
  • We’ll help you to take the maximum out of feedback by challenging you to improve (yeah, by coaching you)
  • Pair coaching: get another reloader with you as buddy coach

Monthly sharing and the guild system

  • Each reloader attends, at least, a monthly sharing session with peers with the aim to give or receive advice on specific topics with the client
  • We have experimented and rolled out the guild system: quarterly internal self selected assignments to work on topic of interests. Aim is to have some time with peers to deep dive on specific topics and create something valuable for Agile Reloader or the community. Some examples of guild topics are: what is a feedback and how to start a feedback system, exploration and creation of a role play on process communication model, low code platforms and many others

Each Agile Coach, and each reloader, is asked to give some contribution to the wider agile community. You will be asked to contribute, the way that fits better your needs by

  • Writing articles
  • Joining conferences as volunteer or as speaker
  • Holding Agile Reloaded meetups or joining other networks’ ones
  • You tell us