Beyond software development, Agile in R&D 

Our aim is to give insights to companies that are in the journey of Agile transitions, or are wondering how to start it. There’s a lot of offering out there: frameworks, adoption roadmap, best practices, off the shelf solutions.

R&D, non software contexts as Manufacturing or Pharma may take advantage of Agile principles but need to carefully experiment with practices that have been designed for software systems by adopting a practical approach, aware of the constrains that are there to stay.

We would like to have an open discussion on above topics by giving you some tips based on our experience and by giving voice to some of the people who are leading transformations in R&D.

join us on July, the 7th, 12 am BST, online edition


4 pillars to start an Agile transformation

Start and stick to the overall goal. Why you are doing it, socialize it and find buy in before starting.

Agile people

Get good professionals on board. In time they will help you building internal community of Agile practitioner and then leave. Find people that can challenge you and bring experience. Set your coaching agreement with them and create options for your internal team to grow.

Experiment iteratively at all levels: from teams to portfolio to strategy. Make such experiments visible and be ready to face learnings and change again

Measure what matters. Agility is not having daily standups or sprint review, it’s about connecting work to value. Measure that.

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